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As mobile storage designers, installers and service providers, we have extensive experience with all of the major brands in the industry. Your dedicated industry expert brings decades of experience to your service. We’ve represented many of the industry leading manufacturers, managed territories, owned and operated market-leading dealers, and been directly involved in thousands of successful project completions.

What to look for -

when purchasing a mobile system, what to avoid, and how we’ll help you:


Does your organization have a need for a high-density mobile storage system? Do you have a high volume of certain types of materials, supplies, inventory or records? Are they centrally stored? Are the being pushed to less-than-ideal locations? How is the order, access and control of these items. Is your operation limited because there isn’t enough space to properly execute your mission? Are there safety concerns?


Have you connected with possible solutions providers?

Did you start with a manufacturer or a local dealer? What is the best way to begin?

How can you know where you’ll find the best design, a quality product, great service and the best possible price?


How frequently are your materials accessed?

What levels of security are required? Have you properly planned for efficient growth?

How about aesthetics?

Is a powered electrical system necessary for your application?


Has your floor been analyzed and matched to the full load weights of the system being considered? Are seismic calculations required? Is a licensed and certified installation team required? Does the installation team need to be directed to the product provider? How does installation affect product warranty? What is most important, the product brand, design, or installation method?


How will the system be serviced post installation?

Should you expect a warranty? If so, what term is reasonable? What should the warranty include and exclude? Will a provider negotiate on how much time they will cover the system on warranty? Does an extended service agreement make sense? What should a preventative maintenance agreement cost?


Improper design is the number one leading cause of dissatisfaction among buyers and users of mobile storage systems. This can be avoided with the right provider and the right coaching thru the selection process. Also critical to avoid sub-par low-end systems if your application will be in a commercial or high-use environment, and especially if in a public access area such as a public or university library. Vendors who do not understand the structural analysis process can lead to major future problems as well. More of course, but these are a few.

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Some FAQs

How many different brands of mobile storage systems are worth considering?

Depends on budget. If aiming for a high-quality system that will last 30 years, our list would include 9.

Can we move more than one row (carriage) at a time?

Yes, but will depend on system size, materials weight, and a few other factors.

Should we consider a powered system instead of Mechanical Assist?

Depends upon your specific application and also your budget. Typically, if the system has moving rows over 25’ long, powered carriages begins to make sense. Also, if speed of access is a priority, a powered system can help.

Can we install a mobile storage system on a higher building floor?

Absolutely. However, your provider should perform a structural analysis to determine the proper installation method. In most cases, a mobile system will be acceptable, but may at times require specific installation methods or techniques.

Compliance Considerations: Seismic | ADA | Fire Code

Seismic: Are you located in a seismic zone? If so, method of installation according to seismic calculations from a licensed structural engineer may be critical.

ADA: Aisle width, turning radius, door space, regress & egress, handle and controls height and entry ramp are areas of concern and careful consideration.

Fire Code: What is being stored can be used to determine likelihood of a citation. Distance from ceiling sprinklers to top of shelves, nesting of carriages and materials being used for the system deck can all affect code violations and compliance.

What we'll do for you

Validate your need for a mobile system

Select best match vendor

Assure optimal system design

Guarantee full code compliance

Maximize safety considerations

Secure best price and value

Project manage

Oversee installation

Obtain effective service coverage post installation

Hire us to become your dedicated high-density mobile shelving system design and installation partner.  We’ll get it done right!